Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Prom Tuxedos in Springfield, Ohio

Michael Kors Ultra Slim Performance Tuxedo
Prom is right around the corner! At Schneider's Florist, we make Prom easier by bringing you more services under one roof!

We have several Slim and Ultra Slim styles to choose from in bold styles and hot colors like black, gray, white, blue, burgundy, and red! Our accessories collection includes hundreds of vest, tie, and pocket square colors, colored shirts, suspenders, fashion socks, shoes, and more!
Ultra Slim Burgundy Empire Tuxedo

Ordering a tuxedo from Schneider's is easy! Stop in anytime and browse our materials. Once you have selected the perfect suit and accessories, our team will measure you for a great fit. A few days before Prom, your tuxedo will arrive and you can try it on in one of our fitting rooms. Once you're satisfied, you're good to go! Simply return the tuxedo the first business day after the event. It's that easy!

If a garment arrives damaged or the wrong size, no worries! We will have a replacement shipped overnight. We have a do-or-die attitude when it comes to our tuxedos and no effort is to large to make sure we get the best fit possible. Payment is required at the time of ordering.
Cobalt Blue Paisley Aries Slim Fit Tuxedo
Prom season is the busiest time of the year for the tuxedo business, so it's very important to order as early as possible the ensure the best selection. Many Slim and Ultra Slim styles will become unavailable as time goes on so don't wait!

Schneider's Florist is Springfield's Elite Formal Wear Retailer with dozens of tuxedos and suits for rent or purchase! We offer very competitive pricing and local convenience that can't be beat! We will save you tons of time AND money!

While you're here, you can design your custom, made to order corsage and boutonniere! Unlimited combinations await you in our massive Prom display!
Apple Red Aries Paisley Slim Fit Tuxedo
I encourage you to shop our competitors and see for yourself if other businesses love Prom as much as we do! We are committed to making your Prom a fantastic and painless experience!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What Should I Bring to Thanksgiving?

The Autumn in Bloom Centerpiece
Thanksgiving is a great time for visiting with family and friends. This year, bring a beautiful, handmade floral creation from your local florist. The Autumn In Bloom Centerpiece will warm up your table with beautiful fall flowers in a food safe, oven-to-table ceramic bowl that will last a lifetime!
The Citrus Harvest Bouquet
The Citrus Harvest Bouquet is an impressive creation that will look great anywhere in the home! The vase doubles as a lantern that will cast a beautiful leaf shadow pattern around the room if you put a candle inside. It will be a great fall decor piece for years to come!
The Wild Autumn Bouquet
The Wild Autumn Bouquet comes in a lovely rustic birch bark box that will look great from fall to winter. It's the perfect size for your kitchen counter, coffee table, or any space that needs the warmth and light of beautiful fall flowers.

Sometimes a beautiful flower arrangement is the best gift for your host or hostess. Show them your gratitude without saying a word!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How To Photograph Flowers With Your Phone

When people receive flowers they naturally like to take a photo to show the sender, but how do you take a good photo of your flowers? Here's a few tips to help you take a great picture of your flowers.

1. Start With Good Light

The right light is 80% of taking a good photograph of a flower arrangement. We already know direct sunlight is bad for fresh flowers, but it's also bad for flower photography. Direct sun is too strong and it will make the flowers look washed out.

If you can, photograph your flowers in an area where the light source is coming from the north. North Light is ideal because it's diffused but still bright enough for your camera to pick up the details in the arrangement.

2. Simplify The Background

You don't want the background to be unsightly or distracting. Try to find a neutral or plain background for your flowers. Here at the shop, we have rolls of colored paper that we use for backgrounds when we're photographing flowers on our phones, but it could be something as simple as a white wall.

Use a neutral background to photograph flowers
3. Find Your Angle

If your goal is to show the flowers to the sender, make sure to capture the whole arrangement in the image and shoot the flowers straight on, not too much above or below.

Shoot flower arrangements straight on. Not above or below.

There you have it! Follow these simple tips and your flower photograph will look much better.

At Schneider's Florist, all of our flowers are photo ready. Shop Now

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

4 Tips To Make Fresh Flowers Last

When someone sends you an arrangement of fresh flowers, what should you do to keep them fresh?
We know flowers don't last forever, but there are some things you can do to ensure that you enjoy them for as long as possible. Check out this guide from Teleflora for details about how to care for specific flowers.

1. Buy Good Flowers

Your local florist has access to the freshest and highest quality flowers available in your area. Local florists also have the best care and handling practices so you can buy with confidence.

2. Keep The Water Fresh

Add fresh water every day to prevent the growth of bacteria that can shorten vase life.
Add Fresh Water Every Day To Keep Flowers Fresh

3. Add Some Flower Food

Fortifying the water with flower food can dramatically extend the life of fresh flowers. I give out packets of flower food for free at my shop, but you can also find it online. Make sure you follow the instructions because it's possible to have too much of a good thing.

4. Avoid Direct Sun And Drafts

Sunlight and moving air will cause flowers to dry out. To keep flowers fresh, display them in area that's out of the sun and away from air vents.

Follow these steps and your flowers will stay fresh for much longer.

At Schneider's Florist, fresh flowers are a guarantee.  Click Here to visit our website.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Send Back To School Flowers In Springfield, Ohio

I don't know about you, but I hated back to school ads when I was a kid. Why did they have to wreck the second half of my summer with their constant reminders that SCHOOL was right around the corner?

Well now I'm (allegedly) an adult and I get to wreck summer for all the school aged kids that read local florist blogs. I don't have any numbers, but I'm guessing it's a majority.

Back to School is a really popular time to order flowers and it's a great way to set the tone for an exciting new year of learning. Today I'm going to show you some delightful choices that are guaranteed to earn you an A+.

Favorite Gatherings in Springfield, Ohio
I'm going to start with something really impressive. Favorite Gatherings is a large vase of cheerful flowers in shades of yellow and blue accented with willow branches and fragrant eucalyptus. Inspire the teacher in your life with this stunning design.

Grand Gerbera in Springfield, Ohio
Everybody loves Grand Gerbera. An assortment of brightly colored gerbera daisies will start the new year off with smiles all around.

Sunny Limeade in Springfield, Ohio
Sunny Limeade is the perfect size for a desk. A cube vase filled with roses, sunflowers, and green button mums complete this trendy, modern look.

Make back to school beautiful with fresh flowers from Schneider's Florist! Don't forget, we also have colorful balloons, cuddly plush animals, delicious gourmet chocolate, and green plants to clean your air. Call us and we can create something special just for you!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Free Admission! Schneider's Florist Summer Bridal Fair

Come visit us Sunday, August 20th, from 1-4 p.m. for our Summer Bridal Fair! You can meet with vendors, sample delicious food, and learn all about wedding flowers and our NEW tuxedo rental service! Admission is free! I'll post more info as it's available. Keep watching!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Purple And Green Flowers From Schneider's Florist

I have three interesting and exotic arrangements for you today all in shades of purple and green!

Purple is one of the most popular colors that people request here in the shop and I love green flowers so all of these designs make me really happy.
Magenta Mystery In Springfield, Ohio
This one has a cool name, Magenta Mystery. A large gathering vase filled with lavender roses, green hydrangea, and loads of other fresh flowers.
Zen Artistry In Springfield, Ohio
Zen Artistry has great lines. Orchids, green and purple carnations, and river cane are used in this contemplative creation.

Kami In Springfield, Ohio
Purple throated miniature calla lilies stand out in Kami. Fragrant stock, orchids, and an assortment of premium foliage completes this dynamic arrangement. 

Visit our website to order or call 937-323-4634. Keep in mind, we also carry a great selection of plants and mouth watering, gourmet chocolate from local favorite Marie's Candy. Thanks for reading!