Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Flower Guide for the Romantically Challenged + Free Delivery on February 10, Offer Expires 2/6

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Figuring out which flowers to send can be difficult, especially if you don’t send a lot of flowers.  If you need a little help, here’s a quick and easy guide to Valentine flowers.

Roses –the traditional Valentine’s Day flower
Tulips – another good choice, and they come in different colors
Gerbera daisies – go with hot pink and orange ones
Tropical flowers – they’re different and exotic
Orchids – they’re simple yet beautiful
Iris – they’re not the usual Valentine flower
Carnations – they come in a wide variation of colors
Chrysanthemums – they last longer than a lot of flowers

Her favorite – even if they’re not traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, go with her favorite blooms

The arrangement:
You’ve got a couple of things to consider here.  You can go with a monobotanic design, which is a bouquet of all of the same type of flower.  These can be monochromatic (the same color) or they can be of different colors. 

Think about the size of the arrangement, too.  If you’re giving her flowers midway through the date, think about a single rose or very small arrangement.  She won’t want to carry a large bouquet around with her for the rest of the evening.

What kind of vase do you want?  A slim, crystal vase?  A ceramic red one?  How about a cube vase?  The type of flowers you select will partially determine the vase.

Ready to order?  We can take care of all your Valentine’s Day flowers in Springfield, OH, and if you’re interested in beating the crowd, we’re offering free delivery on February 10!  This offer expires on Feb. 6th, so hurry.  Just use discount code BLF when ordering.