Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Day Specials in Springfield, Ohio

Love's Passion Bouquet in Springfield, Ohio
Valentine's Day is closer than you think. Be sure to order right away to guarantee beautiful fresh flowers for your true love. We've got a lot of great specials this year. 

Pictured above is the Love's Passion Bouquet. Red roses and white lilies in a striking ruby red vase.
True Lovelies Bouquet in Springfield, Ohio
The True Lovelies Bouquet. Red roses and pink alstroemeria in a whimsical pink vase with gold script.
Swirling Heart Bouquet in Springfield, Ohio
The Swirling Heart Bouquet is a great value! Roses and carnations in a ceramic cube vase with a textured heart motif.
Shining Heart Bouquet in Springfield, Ohio
The Shining Heart Bouquet includes red roses with a mix of purple flowers in the captivating Shining Heart vase. 

Just the facts today. We can also send delicious gourmet chocolate, stuffed animals, and shiny balloons for an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift. Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Bridal Events Coming to Springfield, Ohio

I've got a couple bridal events coming up in the near future for you today. The wedding landscape in Springfield is changing in a good way. More brides are looking to work with local vendors, and more out of town brides are traveling to the area for their ceremonies. Find out more about everything that's happening for 2017 by attending these events.

The first event is the Winter Bridal Show this Sunday, January 22, from noon to four at The Derby Banquet and Conference Center at Windy Knoll. There will be food, demonstrations, door prizes and discounted services available to attendees. Check out this cool video featuring a behind the scenes look at a wedding we did over the summer at Windy Knoll to get an idea of what the space is like.

This event is brought to you by McClure Event Promotions. You can find more info at their website.

The second event is our own 'lil baby. We partnered with The Hollenbeck Bayley Conference Center to bring you the best that Springfield has to offer in wedding and event services. Come check us out Saturday, March 4th, from 11 to 4pm. Admission is five dollars, but brides can register for free by emailing schneidersweddings@gmail.com. View event details on our facebook page.

In the meantime, you can read more about the bridal experience here at Schneider's Florist, check these blog posts.

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We're looking forward to seeing you! Thanks for reading today!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Should I DIY my wedding flowers? Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist for Your Wedding

DIY weddings are an enormously popular trend in the United States right now. A lot of brides want to save money and have more control over the process. When it comes to your wedding flowers, is it really a good idea to do them yourself? Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a professional florist to handle your wedding flowers.

Cost: It's not uncommon for DIY brides to spend as much on raw materials as they would have spent on finished products designed by a professional.

Waste: Flowers are fragile. A person with little to no experience is more likely to damage them and you'll wind up with fewer useable flowers than you paid for.

Difficulty: Suppose you wanted to learn to paint, and on your first day you decide to paint The Mona Lisa. Will your first attempt look like the original? Of course not! It's the same with that bouquet you love on Pinterest. Floral design is a complex skill set that takes years to master. Professionals have the skills already. Allow yourself the benefit of their experience. A professional florist will get you more "look" while using fewer stems, saving you money.

Time: You probably don't want to prepare and serve all the food at your wedding. It's your day, do you want to spend it working on flowers? Don't add another layer of stress to your wedding. Let someone else worry about it.

Quality: Your Florist has access to a greater selection of fresher, higher quality flowers and greenery than you can buy from the warehouse club. Your florist also has a gigantic cooler to store everything so your flowers will be dewy fresh for the big day.

Creativity: Professional florists have the knowledge and creative skills to turn your ideas into something even more beautiful than you imagined.

As you can see, there are a lot more variables to consider besides cost. The total value includes the quality of the finished product and the time and stress you will save yourself. Before you commit to DIY your flowers, talk to your local florist. You might be surprised by what they have to offer!

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