Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Where Do You Find Inspiration? A Floating Cube of Amber Mums

Before I came to work at Schneider's I was a lighting designer for a family of live music venues in Columbus, Ohio. I did rock and roll light shows five nights a week for a long time. I didn't have much training, but I always tried to get outside my comfort zone and take risks. I learned a lot from the big arena shows that would come through town and I would always try in some small way to apply the ideas that I had seen. 

Like everything else in my life, my favorite light shows to watch and execute were the ones that were strange or experimental in some way. Kanye West is out on the Saint Pablo tour right now with a groundbreaking stage and lighting design that I think is really interesting. I've shared a couple images that capture the essence of the design for me.

The stage floats above the floor with the audience below

Brutal amber lights pointed straight down
It turns out Kanye is a big fan of sending fresh flowers. He recently sent Taylor Swift a giant cube of all white flowers from The Empty Vase Florist in Hollywood, California. 

"OMG its a giant Kanye cube!"
So all of this came together in my mind, and I created my own mini cube of flowers. It's a 3x3x3 inch cube of floral foam studded with amber button mums and suspended from a piece of copper wire. Then I photographed it in such a way as to be reminiscent of the Saint Pablo tour stage.

There's no real point to this post other than to show that inspiration can come from anywhere, and sometimes the best ideas are synthesized from other disciplines. What's your inspiration? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Look at Homecoming 2016: Corsages, Boutonnieres, Unlimited Customization!

Paper flowers are the theme for this years Homecoming display. We always do something fresh and different!
Homecoming 2016 has arrived! You probably know we threw our first ever Homecoming Preview Party a little while ago. We had a fun time and we got to meet a bunch of great people. If you visit our Facebook page you can see photos and videos of the event. We can't wait until next year so we can do it all again!

We have our display set up for when you come in to order your Homecoming flowers.
This one right here
First is the corsage board. We work with lots of different flowers in a rainbow of colors to compliment your personal style.
Just a few examples
A close up of one of our most popular corsages
If you see one you like, we can duplicate it exactly for you, but most people like a little customization. We offer a wide variety of accent colors and interesting treatments. We can tint your flowers or pixie dust them with glitter.
What are your colors?
Every corsage includes leaves that come in a satin or glitter finish. We can also use live foliage, just ask!
Satin and Sparkle
We call these little tufts of fabric "net". We have a ton of colors, but if you want to bring in something else we will gladly find a way to incorporate it into your corsage. We've had clients bring in all kinds of unique items.
A galaxy of options
It doesn't stop there. We have a ton of upgrades available to make your corsage even more special. You can add a glittery wrist band that makes a nice keepsake.

Keepsake wristbands and our exclusive Bling Ring
We also have feathers and gemstones for a finishing touch
Feathers or gems? Por que no los dos?
You can upgrade your corsage for just a couple dollars with feathers...
Gem studded feathers
...and sparkly rhinestones
Mix and match
One of our most popular options is to replace the baby's breath in the corsage with rhinestones. This gives the corsage a lighter look and allows the gems to stand out more.
A corsage with all rhinestones and no baby's breath
Load your corsage with gems for just ten dollars
We can't forget the fellas! We also have great options for boutonnieres! We encourage clients to order the corsage and boutonniere together so we can make them as a matched set. They come together in one box and it saves time because only one person needs to come in for pickup.
Great value
You can customize the boutonniere as well. We can add matching ribbon, gems, wire, cool rhinestone pins, and more!
Lots of options!
We're ready to take your order now! I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos and we look forward to hearing your ideas! See you real soon!

And now, Your Moment of Zen:

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Back with Awesome Autumnal Inspiration from Schneider's Florist

Fall is here! The leaves are changing, the nights are cooler, and we have beautiful new seasonal creations for you! Check out our website for more ideas!

Glorious Day in Springfield, Ohio
Harvest Wisp in Springfield, Ohio
Fountain of Flowers in Springfield, Ohio

Papaya Whip in Springfield, Ohio
Harvest Sun in Springfield, Ohio
I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos. Call us at 937-323-4634 for same day delivery. We'll look at Homecoming 2016 next week.

I'm thinking of hosting an after-hours, DIY terrarium party and wine tasting at the shop. Guests will get to make their own terrarium and sip libations from Columbus' Brothers Drake Meadery. Does this sound like fun to you? Let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Wedding Decor at Windy Knoll by Schneider's Florist

We decorated a beautiful wedding at the Windy Knoll Golf Club for Labor Day Weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Check out the photos!
This was the first time we've had a chance to decorate the pergola at Windy Knoll.
Another view. I think the fabric looks like shafts of light breaking through the clouds.
Detail of the foliage sunburst in the corner. We used locally grown grasses to complete the look.
The centerpieces were a combination of green hydrangea and pink roses with yellow rose petals scattered around.
One for the bar. Cheers!
We topped the cake with garden roses and hypericum berries.
Is there a wedding in your future? Contact us at 937-323-4634 to schedule an appointment with our wedding consultants!

If you know someone who's going to homecoming this year tell them about our 2016 Homecoming preview party. Thursday, September 8, from 6-8pm. We'll have snacks, prizes, demonstrations, and other fun stuff. Don't miss it!