Monday, May 21, 2012

Springfield Summer Arts Festival 2012

The Springfield Summer Arts Festival Kicks off June 15th and runs through July 22nd this year. This is a wonderful event with shows that the whole family can enjoy. And since admission is FREE, you can afford to bring the whole family!

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Schneider’s Florist is a proud supporter of the community of Springfield and the arts.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Moms Never Stop Mothering

Moms do a lot for their kids over the years.  They make sure their children always have food, that they’re safe, that they learn everything they need to survive in the world…and they often do this without a lot of thanks.  Moms never stop mothering us, even when we think we’re much too old for it.  Part of the reason for this is that moms always see their children as those little kids who needed them. 

If you have children you know how it is: they’re your baby, and you just don’t want them to grow up and not need you anymore.  You try to hold on to the years as much as possible, but there’s no stopping them from growing up.  As they grow, your mothering style has to grow as well.  Otherwise, you’ll end up fighting with your kids as they become teens and young adults.  Successful moms figure out how to mother their older children in ways that work for both.

Mothering older teens and adults can be difficult, but moms usually find a way.  These are the most difficult times because moms have to let their kids make mistakes, but they still want to protect their children.  A mom can’t just scold their grown children and ground them, but they can still get their point across (moms become incredibly good at speaking their minds in such a way as to not start a fight).

No matter how old you are, mom will never stop mothering you.  This Mother’s Day, be sure to send her a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to show her how much you love and appreciate this.  We have many different options and ideas, and you’re sure to find one your mom would love.  Get in your order for Mother’s Day flowers Springfield, OH, today!