Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Fun in Springfield

The holiday season is here!  If you and your family are looking for some things to do before Christmas, there are a lot of different activities going on in Springfield.  Here are a few ideas for things you and your family can do this month.

Drive around and look at holiday light displays.  Some of the local parks and other areas have done huge light displays.  Other people have decorated their homes with hundreds, if not thousands, of lights.  Some of these displays are even linked to music.  Be sure to take your camera to take pictures of some of your favorites.

If you have young kids, you know they will want to see Santa!  The jolly guy will be appearing in many different locations around Springfield, including many malls and department stores.  Check local listings to see where he is.

There are a number of different holiday shows going on in the city and surrounding areas, too.  Classics like “The Nutcracker” and “A Christmas Carol” are often performed around this time of year.  There are also a great number of different musical performances around the holidays.

What are you and your family doing this holiday season? 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Do you have any great Thanksgiving traditions?  If you don’t, this is the year to start a few!  Even if you do have some, you can always start a new one or two that are uniquely yours.  Here are a few different ideas if you want to add a tradition to your Thanksgiving:

•    Make a traditional meal, dish, or dessert each year.  This can be something your family loves, or it could be an old family recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

•    Buy or create some decorations to use every year.  Some people have antique decorations that have been passed down from year to year. 

•    Use your grandmother’s serving tray, bowl, or other dish that’s been passed down.

•    Start a Thanksgiving Day game tournament that you play each year for bragging rights.

•    Show how thankful you are for each other by naming one thing you’re thankful for at dinner.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Party Checklist

Having a Halloween party?  Here’s an awesome checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!  What do you need?

•    Decorations
•    Candy for trick-or-treaters
•    Fake cobwebs
•    A costume for yourself and your family members
•    Some yard decorations like fake tombstones or bats to hang from your porch
•    Spooky Halloween music!  Create a play list of popular songs like “The Monster Mash” or the Ghostbusters theme.
•    A great punch recipe (anything red that looks like blood will work)
•    Some scary finger foods and desserts that look like severed fingers, eyeballs, etc.
•    If you’ll have kids at this party, you may want to have some party games for them
•    If this is mainly an adult party, you might want to look for some Halloween-themed liquor or mixed drink recipes

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Flower Colors Make a Great Decorating Palette

It’s time to add some fall colors and flowers to your d├ęcor!  Pull out the heavy quilts, put some new throws on the sofa, and find a nice autumn wreath for the front door.  The colors most people use during the fall match those of the falling leaves and fall flowers.  They include red (mostly dark red), orange, yellow (but not a bright, cheery yellow, more of a gold), and brown.  Since these colors are very bold and strong, it only takes a little bit to make a big statement.  Mix in some brighter shades, too, if your rooms tend to be dark. 

There are a lot of different flowers you can use to decorate during the fall.  Here are a few of the late bloomers that go with the autumn colors:

•    Roses (orange, red, yellow)
•    Daisies
•    Chrysanthemums
•    Marigold
•    Mountain Sage
•    Caryopteris
•    Sunflowers
•    Carnations

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

 The summer months can be difficult on flowers, but it’s also the best time to see vivid, gorgeous blooms.  However, if there’s very little rain during these hot months, you’ll find that your flowers start to droop and die.  By following some of these tips for helping your flowers survive during the hot summer months, you can keep your flowerbeds looking great.

•    Obviously, you need to keep your flowers watered.  Water in the evening to avoid wasting water (it will evaporate during the heat of the day).
•    Water is important, but don’t forget the fertilizer.  Fertilizing your plants during the summer will keep them healthy and blooming. 
•    Deadhead your flowers after they bloom. 
•    Cut back your blooming perennials.  Like deadheading, this can make your flowerbeds look tidier, and it will also help encourage new growth in the flowers themselves.
•    Cover your flowers during severe summer storms.
•    Bring in any potted flowers during major storms.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fourth of July Fun

Do you have any plans for the Fourth of July?  If you don’t, it’s not too late to make plans.  Here are a few ideas for fun activities to do on Independence Day.

•    Have a cook out.
•    Buy a volleyball net and invite friends over for a game.
•    If it’s too hot to be outdoors, have a movie marathon (watch “Independence Day”).
•    Go out to one of the different Fourth of July firework displays.
•    Attend a concert.  Many large venues hold Fourth of July concerts.
•    Have a picnic for dinner.  You can sit outdoors after you eat and watch fireworks go off
•    If there’s a lake nearby, take a day trip to swim, fish, and enjoy playing around in the water.
•    If you’re getting together with friends to watch or shoot off your own fireworks, you might want to spend the morning baking treats.  You can get your kids involved and make it a fun family event.
•    Organize a Fourth of July block party.  Have your neighbors over for burgers and hot dogs.  The kids can get involved and have their own Fourth parade using their bikes and wagons.
•    Visit a war memorial or museum and think about those who have lost their lives guaranteeing our freedoms.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother’s Rule Book

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to thank mom for everything she did for us!  One of the ways she taught us was by giving us a lot of rules to live by.  Here are a few rules that might have seemed crazy to us at the time, but they were her way of teaching us how to live.

•    You have to eat all of your vegetables before dessert.  Mom knew that we had to eat right to grow and stay healthy, so she made sure we ate all of our healthy food before we had anything that wasn’t as great.

•    Keep your room clean.  This was mom’s way of teaching us to clean house, even if we didn’t like it.

•    Brush your teeth before you go to bed.  This rule was mom teaching us good dental habits.

•    Go to bed at a certain time.  Mom wanted to make sure we were used to a schedule.  She also knew that kids and teens really do need more sleep than adults, so she made certain we got it.

What was in your mother’s rule book?  Did you really hate some of her rules?  Have you adapted any of her rules for your own children? 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Flowers

There are a lot of flowers that start blooming in April.  As the first full month of spring, that’s to be expected.  Of course, you do have to look out for those late March freezes—they can definitely put a damper on April flowers.  Even with a free, though, you’ll find plenty of seasonal flowers in bloom in April!

Some of the first April flowers to bloom are the snowdrops and crocuses.  You’ll start seeing them in early April, followed by the daffodil and some tulips.  Then there are the azaleas, especially in the southern part of the U.S.  These flowers usually appear pretty early in April. 

If you live in warmer temperatures, especially in the southwest U.S., it’s possible the spring flowers are already here.  In some areas, summer flowers are already waking up in April, although the lack of rain might mean things aren’t as bright and vivid as you’d like.  There are a lot of wildflowers around, such as marigolds and Indian paint brush.

Naturally, you’ll also see many flowers associated with Easter.  Since the holiday is often in April (although it wasn’t this year), you’ll see Easter lilies, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth blooming.  In some colder areas, these might be the only April flowers you see. 

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Popular Winter Flowers

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, it’s time to take a look at some of the more popular winter flowers.  Yes, there are a number of beautiful flowers that only bloom during the colder months.  These winter flowers add a daring dash of color to what might otherwise be a cold, bland landscape.  How many of these beautiful winter flowers have you seen in your area?

•    Gladiolus – it’s a great looking winter flower with a great scent.

•    Winter daphne – This shrub blooms with tiny little clusters of flowers.

•    Helleborus or Christmas rose – The Lenten rose family comes in many colors, including green, burgundy, and pink.  It blooms between mid-November and April.

•    Cyclamen – this bright flower blooms in the late fall in pink and white.

•    Kaffir lilies – this  bright red or pink flower looks great in your winter arrangements

•    Witch hazel – it’s used for medicinal purposes, but this plant also features orange or yellow flowers during the mid-winter.

•    Snowdrops - these small, white flowers bloom on stems that often force their way up through the snow.
•    Poinsettia – yes, it’s a great Christmas flower, but you can also decorate with it all winter long.

These are just a few of the beautiful winter flowers out there.  Check out some of the winter flower arrangements available in Springfield, OH.