Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun in Springfield, OH

Have you had a fun summer?  Well, it’s not over yet!  Even though the fall is rapidly approaching, there’s still time to get in some late summer activities in Springfield, OH.  In fact, now that the temperature has cooled a bit, now’s the best time to enjoy some summer fun.

Since it’s no longer oppressively hot, now’s a great time to go to the park and have a picnic.  You can play Frisbee, let your kids run around on the playground, or take a walk.  Now’s also a great time to go swimming.  The local pools are still open, as are many of the waterparks.  You might also enjoy fishing or rafting on the Arkansas River.

There are also some good amusement parks open in Springfield and the surrounding cities.  You can drive gokarts, play miniature golf, ride different rides, and some even finish the night with awesome fireworks shows.  The M&R Amusement Park is just one great local amusement park nearby.

If you love golf, the North Golf Course and New Reid Park are located in Springfield.  They’re a lot of fun and offer challenges for beginners and advanced golfers.  Don’t like golf but want to do something outdoors?  You could visit the Hartman Rock Garden, which is sure to provide a nice, relaxing time.

Naturally, you can have a lot of fun outdoors without even leaving your own backyard.  Set up the barbeque, invite your friends over, and enjoy the lovely outdoors on your back porch.  We can even provide you with some gorgeous summer flower arrangements to decorate your porch with.  We’ll deliver your summer flowers in Springfield, OH.