Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

 The summer months can be difficult on flowers, but it’s also the best time to see vivid, gorgeous blooms.  However, if there’s very little rain during these hot months, you’ll find that your flowers start to droop and die.  By following some of these tips for helping your flowers survive during the hot summer months, you can keep your flowerbeds looking great.

•    Obviously, you need to keep your flowers watered.  Water in the evening to avoid wasting water (it will evaporate during the heat of the day).
•    Water is important, but don’t forget the fertilizer.  Fertilizing your plants during the summer will keep them healthy and blooming. 
•    Deadhead your flowers after they bloom. 
•    Cut back your blooming perennials.  Like deadheading, this can make your flowerbeds look tidier, and it will also help encourage new growth in the flowers themselves.
•    Cover your flowers during severe summer storms.
•    Bring in any potted flowers during major storms.

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