Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How To Photograph Flowers With Your Phone

When people receive flowers they naturally like to take a photo to show the sender, but how do you take a good photo of your flowers? Here's a few tips to help you take a great picture of your flowers.

1. Start With Good Light

The right light is 80% of taking a good photograph of a flower arrangement. We already know direct sunlight is bad for fresh flowers, but it's also bad for flower photography. Direct sun is too strong and it will make the flowers look washed out.

If you can, photograph your flowers in an area where the light source is coming from the north. North Light is ideal because it's diffused but still bright enough for your camera to pick up the details in the arrangement.

2. Simplify The Background

You don't want the background to be unsightly or distracting. Try to find a neutral or plain background for your flowers. Here at the shop, we have rolls of colored paper that we use for backgrounds when we're photographing flowers on our phones, but it could be something as simple as a white wall.

Use a neutral background to photograph flowers
3. Find Your Angle

If your goal is to show the flowers to the sender, make sure to capture the whole arrangement in the image and shoot the flowers straight on, not too much above or below.

Shoot flower arrangements straight on. Not above or below.

There you have it! Follow these simple tips and your flower photograph will look much better.

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