Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Caring For Your Tree

How to Care for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree

When a Christmas tree is cut, more than half its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the quality of your tree. Below are a number of tips on caring for your tree:
  1. Displaying trees in water in a traditional reservoir type stand is the most effective way of maintaining their freshness and minimizing needle loss problems.

  2. Make a fresh cut to remove about a 1/2-inch thick disk of wood from the base of the trunk before putting the tree in the stand. Make the cut perpendicular to the stem axis. Don't cut the trunk at an angle, or into a v-shape, which makes it far more difficult to hold the tree in the stand and also reduces the amount of water available to the tree.

  3. Once home, place the tree in water as soon as possible. Most species can go 6 to 8 hours after cutting the trunk and still take up water. Don't bruise the cut surface or get it dirty.

  4. If needed, trees can be temporarily stored for several days in a cool location. Place the freshly cut trunk in a bucket that is kept full of water.

  5. To display the trees indoors, use a stand with an adequate water holding capacity for the tree. As a general rule, stands should provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. Devices are available that help maintain a constant water level in the stand.

  6. Use a stand that fits your tree. Avoid whittling the sides of the trunk down to fit a stand. The outer layers of wood are the most efficient in taking up water and should not be removed.

  7. Keep trees away from major sources of heat (fireplaces, heaters, heat vents, direct sunlight). Lowering the room temperature will slow the drying process, resulting in less water consumption each day.

  8. The temperature of the water used to fill the stand is not important and does not affect water uptake.

  9. Check the stand daily to make sure that the level of water does not go below the base of the tree. With many stands, there can still be water in the stand even though the base of the tree is no longer submerged in water.

  10. Drilling a hole in the base of the trunk does NOT improve water uptake.

  11. Use of lights that produce low heat, such as miniature lights, will reduce drying of the tree.

  12. Always inspect light sets prior to placing them on the tree. If worn, replace with a new set.

  13. Do not overload electrical circuits.

  14. Always turn off the tree lights when leaving the house or when going to bed.

  15. Monitor the tree for freshness. After Christmas or if the tree is dry, remove it from the house.

  16. Visit the Tree Recycling page to find a recycling program near you.

  17. Never burn any part of a Christmas tree in a wood stove or fireplace.
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Organizing Tips

 Need a little help getting your holiday under control?  It can be hard to stay organized, especially when it seems like you’ve got something going on every day and major events on every weekend.  Then there’s the decorating, baking, and shopping to take care of, too.  If you’re going a little crazy, here are a few tips that might help get your holiday organized.

Make a list of everything that you need to do.  Everything.  Even those small, little tasks may need to be put on your to-do list so you don’t forget about them in all your hustle and bustle.

Put down all the important events on your calendar.  Make sure all of your family members know what’s going on each day, what they need to do for that event, and when it is. 

Create a shopping list for everyone you need to buy a gift for.  Write down a few ideas for each person, too, so you have some idea of where to look.  You might also want to put down an estimated budget for each person so you don’t spend too much.

Write out a menu for your meals and make a shopping list for it.  Go through your pantry first and take stock of what you have.  Even if you think you’ve got enough flour, double check.  You don’t want to run out in the middle of baking.

Make sure you have all of your gifts in one location and that you know who each gift is for (you might want to put a sticky note on each one).  This way, you won’t forget any, nor will you get gifts mixed up.  Another way to organize gifts is to get a large gift bag for each person (even if you don’t use that gift bag) or a box.

That’s all it takes to organize your holiday!  Once you’ve got everything sorted out, why not treat yourself to some great Christmas flowers in Springfield, OH?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poinsettia Care Tips

PoinsettiasPoinsettias are one of the longest-lasting blooming plants available to consumers.

To choose the perfect poinsettia:

  • Pick a plant with small, tightly clustered buds in the center.
  • Look for crisp, bright, undamaged foliage.
  • Avoid plants displayed in drafty or crowded areas.

To keep the poinsettia blooming:

  • When surface soil is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Discard excess water in the saucer.
  • To prolong color, keep a temperature range of 60 degrees for night and 72 degrees for day. High humidity is preferable.
  • Place plant away from hot or cold drafts, and protect from cold winds.

To rebloom for the next season:

  • During winter, continue to follow holiday upkeep tips.
  • March 17 (St. Patrick's Day): When bracts fade, cut stems back to eight inches above soil line.
  • Continue to water regularly.
  • Lightly fertilize with a good, balanced all-purpose fertilizer every three to four weeks.
  • When temperatures are warm, place plant outdoors; first in indirect, then direct sunlight. Avoid temperatures below 50 degrees throughout the summer.
  • July 4 (Independence Day): Cut back new growth stems. Repot if needed.
  • Early September (Labor Day): Move plant inside. Provide six or more hours of direct light.
  • October 1 through mid-December: Confine plant to complete darkness for 14 hours, giving it 10 hours of natural light daily. This will set the buds and cause bracts to color.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Decorating

It’s time to start decorating for Thanksgiving!  While you don’t have to go all-out in the decoration department like you might do for Christmas or Halloween, it’s still important to add a few special decorations for the holiday.  Here are several easy ways of adding to the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Add fall colors.  Thanksgiving and fall share orange, brown, red, gold, and dark yellow, and if you’ve already added some of these colors to your home décor for the fall, then you probably don’t need to add anything else.  You can use your fall tablecloth, napkins, and even fall flowers for Thanksgiving.  If you want to make it look a little different, you can always rearrange some of your fall decorations for Thanksgiving.

You can also put out some fall colored candles.  There are a number of different autumn scents that are perfect for Thanksgiving, such as pumpkin spice.  You don’t have to light them, of course, but adding a few to your mantle or as a table centerpiece looks very nice.

You don’t necessarily have to buy all of your Thanksgiving decorations.  Take a walk outdoors and collect fall leaves, pine cones, and a few branches.  You can arrange these items on a platter, bowl, or vase as a centerpiece, or your kids can use them to make different art projects.  You can also incorporate them into a Thanksgiving wreath for your front door.

Since a large part of the Thanksgiving holiday revolves around the meal, look at ways you can subtly add to the décor there.  A platter with a border of fall leaves, for example, makes a great serving dish for your turkey.  Glass bowls tinted with fall colors are also great.  You may even already have some great dishes that look great for the fall and Thanksgiving.

These are just a few different things you can do to add to the atmosphere of your Thanksgiving meal.  Be sure to put your own spin on things, too, and be creative.  Also, don’t forget your Thanksgiving flowers in Springfield, OH.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started decorating yet, well, there’s still time.  But there’s not a lot of time, so you should start thinking of your overall theme and look now.  Do you want to go homemade as much as possible, or do you want to buy decorations?  Do you want to use some of those goofy, cheap looking ones, or do you want to spend more money for some high quality decorations? 

The theme of your party, of course, determines your decorations.  If it’s for kids, or if you’ll have a large number of kids there, you may want to stay away from the really scary looking decorations.  Go with some of the goofy pumpkins, witches, and black cats.  Even though these decorations might look cheap and cartoonish, kids will love them.

If you’re going for a haunted house and are expecting adults only, you can go for some of the more realistic decorations and those that make noise or move.  Add some fake blood, some skulls and spiders, and other decorations that kids might find a bit too much.

You can also use food as decoration.  You can turn some croissant rolls into cut off fingers, make cupcakes into bats, and more.  There are many recipes online and in Halloween-themed cookbooks for you to make.  Even if you don’t want to get that creative, adding some Halloween sprinkles to your cupcakes or cutting out cookies in different Halloween shapes can be enough.

Naturally, don’t forget your Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters and for your guests.  If you don’t want to give out sugary treats to kids, there are many alternatives, such as small toys, little packages of crayons, and other small treats that aren’t edible.  Parents may appreciate this, especially if they’re trying to keep their kids from gorging on candy.

Of course, no Halloween party would be complete without flowers!  Order you Halloween flowers in Springfield, OH, today!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Colors, Designs, and Flowers

Now that fall is here, it’s time to change up your décor.  The bright, cheery decorations, pillows, wreaths, and other items of summer just don’t look quite right in this chilly weather.  instead, you’ll want to go with some amazing fall colors.  What does this mean?  It means red, yellow, orange, and brown!  But not incredibly bright shades.  Instead, you’ll want darker reds, golden yellows, and bold oranges.  You can accent these colors with some dark green, purple, and even a little bit of dark blue, although you have to be sure you mix these colors together correctly or it might look odd.

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to remove all of your summer decorations.  You might be able to mix in a few of them, such as your red candles or some of your yellow throw pillows.  They will help brighten up your darker fall décor, and they’ll really stand out in amongst the bolder autumn colors.

For decorations, you’ll want to put out a new tablecloth, some new placemats, and a new table runner.  You’ll also want to put out a new centerpiece on your table and maybe some new flowers or an arrangement of fall items on your end table.  You don’t have to stick to just flowers for these arrangements.  You can add some gourds and pumpkins, some fall leaves and branches, or some pinecones.  Imagine a small vase of sunflowers surrounded by pinecones and leaves.  Think outside the box during the fall and use a few things from outdoors in addition to items you buy.

Naturally, you will want a few fall flowers in your decorations.  Think red, orange, and yellow, like sunflowers, orange roses, and some gerberas.  A few daisies and tulips work well as accent flowers, and green plants also look very nice. 

Let us help you find the perfect flowers for your decor.  Order one of our amazing fall flowers in springfield, OH.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun in Springfield, OH

Have you had a fun summer?  Well, it’s not over yet!  Even though the fall is rapidly approaching, there’s still time to get in some late summer activities in Springfield, OH.  In fact, now that the temperature has cooled a bit, now’s the best time to enjoy some summer fun.

Since it’s no longer oppressively hot, now’s a great time to go to the park and have a picnic.  You can play Frisbee, let your kids run around on the playground, or take a walk.  Now’s also a great time to go swimming.  The local pools are still open, as are many of the waterparks.  You might also enjoy fishing or rafting on the Arkansas River.

There are also some good amusement parks open in Springfield and the surrounding cities.  You can drive gokarts, play miniature golf, ride different rides, and some even finish the night with awesome fireworks shows.  The M&R Amusement Park is just one great local amusement park nearby.

If you love golf, the North Golf Course and New Reid Park are located in Springfield.  They’re a lot of fun and offer challenges for beginners and advanced golfers.  Don’t like golf but want to do something outdoors?  You could visit the Hartman Rock Garden, which is sure to provide a nice, relaxing time.

Naturally, you can have a lot of fun outdoors without even leaving your own backyard.  Set up the barbeque, invite your friends over, and enjoy the lovely outdoors on your back porch.  We can even provide you with some gorgeous summer flower arrangements to decorate your porch with.  We’ll deliver your summer flowers in Springfield, OH.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Parents’ Day

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a resolution proclaiming the fourth Sunday of July Parents’ Day.  Unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Parents’ Day was designed more to honor the entire family unit and the dedication parents have for their children.  While it’s not as well-known as these other days or as widely celebrated, the ideas behind this day of observation are very noble, and information about Parents’ Day should be spread across the country.

The idea behind Parents’ Day is to create a day for the “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”  At one point, the family was the center of a person’s life, and the idea of a parent leaving a child was almost unheard of.  Today, we hear about one parent or the other abandoning their children all the time.  The organizers behind Parents’ Day felt like there should be a day set aside to celebrate those who didn’t take the easy way out: the parents who honored their commitment to their children. 

The bond between a parent and a child can be incredibly strong, but despite that bond, parenting is not an easy job.  Teaching a child, tending to them when they are ill, and providing for them can be extremely challenging, especially if you are a single parent.  Taking a day to celebrate this commitment and reconfirm your love for your family is what Parents’ Day is all about. 

On this day, Sunday the 29th, take the time to show your love for all your family, not just your parents.  Also be sure to honor those who stepped in when your parents couldn’t (or wouldn’t, in some cases).  This includes your aunts and uncles, grandparents, and those close friends who acted like a second mom or dad. 

Gather your family together on Parents’ Day and just have a good time.  Enjoy each other’s company and tell your parents how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.  We can help—we have some spectacular Parents’ Day arrangements in Springfield, OH!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Father’s Day Fun in Springfield, OH

Father’s Day is almost here.  It’s this Sunday!  What do you have planned for your dad?  There are a number of different restaurants to eat at and activities to do in Springfield. 

If you’re hosting Father’s Day lunch, you’ll need to do some extra planning.  Ask Dad what he’d like to have on the menu, or fix his favorite meal if you know what it is.  You can have your siblings help out, too, by bringing side dishes or desserts.  If your dad loves to grill, he might even want to do the cooking.  Having Father’s Day at home instead of going out means you’ll have more time to visit and relax. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with going out to lunch or dinner.  It gives you a chance to visit with your dad without worrying about the cooking or cleaning up.  There are a number of excellent restaurants in the Springfield area that Dad is sure to love.

•    Los Mariachis
•    Linardos Village
•    The Barn Restaurant
•    Cat Daddy’s Café
•    O’Charley’s
•    Casey’s
•    EL Toro
•    Seasons Bistro and Grille
•    Bob Evans Restaurant

Does your dad want to get out and do something for Father’s Day?  Well, there are certainly options!  You could go to a park, go watch a movie, and more.  Here are a few ideas for Father’s Day:

•    Go fishing or rafting on the Arkansas River
•    Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame
•    Spend time outdoors at one of the many different parks
•    Go to M&R Amusement Park
•    Play golf at the North Golf Course or New Reid Park
•    Wander around the Hartman Rock Garden

Be sure to get Dad a gift!  While he might not like a dozen roses, there are some masculine arrangements designed for men.  We’ve got some great Father’s Day flower arrangements in Springfield, OH.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Springfield Summer Arts Festival 2012

The Springfield Summer Arts Festival Kicks off June 15th and runs through July 22nd this year. This is a wonderful event with shows that the whole family can enjoy. And since admission is FREE, you can afford to bring the whole family!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Moms Never Stop Mothering

Moms do a lot for their kids over the years.  They make sure their children always have food, that they’re safe, that they learn everything they need to survive in the world…and they often do this without a lot of thanks.  Moms never stop mothering us, even when we think we’re much too old for it.  Part of the reason for this is that moms always see their children as those little kids who needed them. 

If you have children you know how it is: they’re your baby, and you just don’t want them to grow up and not need you anymore.  You try to hold on to the years as much as possible, but there’s no stopping them from growing up.  As they grow, your mothering style has to grow as well.  Otherwise, you’ll end up fighting with your kids as they become teens and young adults.  Successful moms figure out how to mother their older children in ways that work for both.

Mothering older teens and adults can be difficult, but moms usually find a way.  These are the most difficult times because moms have to let their kids make mistakes, but they still want to protect their children.  A mom can’t just scold their grown children and ground them, but they can still get their point across (moms become incredibly good at speaking their minds in such a way as to not start a fight).

No matter how old you are, mom will never stop mothering you.  This Mother’s Day, be sure to send her a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to show her how much you love and appreciate this.  We have many different options and ideas, and you’re sure to find one your mom would love.  Get in your order for Mother’s Day flowers Springfield, OH, today!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Administrative Professional Humor + $10 Off

Have you thought about what you’re going to get your administrative professional this year?  Administrative Professionals Day is April 25th, so you don’t have much time left.  In fact, you may want to get your flowers order in soon if you’re sending him or her flowers.  You can also give them a bit of a pay bonus, give them a gift, or take them out to lunch. 

Administrative professionals keep everything running smoothly, make sure you know exactly where you need to be, and more often than not handle any emergencies that come up.  They’re also your gatekeepers, making sure only the people who really need to see you get in to take up your time.  Some also serve as moral officer, making sure hurt feelings get smoothed over and bad days don’t get too bad.

There are some great quotes by administrative assistants and professionals that are perfect for Admin Professionals Day.  They’re touching but also humorous. 

"My Boss frequently gets lost in thought. That's because it's unfamiliar territory." – Unknown

"If you have a good selling idea, your secretary can write your ad for you." - Morris Hite

"Responsibility without power, the fate of the secretary through the ages." - Ariel Dorfman

"And so while the great ones depart to their dinner, the secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner, racking his brain to record and report what he thinks that they think that they ought to have thought." - Arthur Bryant

"Always be nice to secretaries. They are the real gatekeepers in the world." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Are you ready for Administrative Professionals Day?  We’ll help with the flowers!  Take $10 off if you order flowers for your administrative professional between now and April 20.  Just use code BL2 at check-out. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lilies & Cat Lovers

Lilies & Cat Lovers
Flower Holidays, Occasions & Parties - Easter & Passover Flowers
LilyAccording to the National Animal Poison Control Center, certain types of lilies can cause renal failure in cats that have ingested any part of the lily. The Society of American Florists recommends keeping lilies out of the reach of cats. It is important to note that lilies do not pose a problem for other pets or humans.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Have a Fun Spring

Spring is officially here!  There’s a lot to do during the spring season, including many different ways of having a lot of fun.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a large family—there are fun activities for all types of people during the spring.  Here are some things you can do during the spring for entertainment.

For singles or for couples:

•    Go to the park and have a picnic.

•    Go to a sports game.

•    Take a walk together (and take the dog if you have one).

•    Sit outside and read a book or just enjoy the nice weather.

•    Plant some new flowers in your flowerbed.

•    Go to an outdoor concert.

For families:

•    Spend the afternoon at the playground or in the park playing games.

•    Go see the animals at the zoo.

•    Go bike riding.

•    Play miniature golf.

•    Go campings.

What do you have planned for the spring?  Whatever you do, don’t forget to get some spring flowers delivered in Springfield, Ohio, to brighten up your home.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Flower Guide for the Romantically Challenged + Free Delivery on February 10, Offer Expires 2/6

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Figuring out which flowers to send can be difficult, especially if you don’t send a lot of flowers.  If you need a little help, here’s a quick and easy guide to Valentine flowers.

Roses –the traditional Valentine’s Day flower
Tulips – another good choice, and they come in different colors
Gerbera daisies – go with hot pink and orange ones
Tropical flowers – they’re different and exotic
Orchids – they’re simple yet beautiful
Iris – they’re not the usual Valentine flower
Carnations – they come in a wide variation of colors
Chrysanthemums – they last longer than a lot of flowers

Her favorite – even if they’re not traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, go with her favorite blooms

The arrangement:
You’ve got a couple of things to consider here.  You can go with a monobotanic design, which is a bouquet of all of the same type of flower.  These can be monochromatic (the same color) or they can be of different colors. 

Think about the size of the arrangement, too.  If you’re giving her flowers midway through the date, think about a single rose or very small arrangement.  She won’t want to carry a large bouquet around with her for the rest of the evening.

What kind of vase do you want?  A slim, crystal vase?  A ceramic red one?  How about a cube vase?  The type of flowers you select will partially determine the vase.

Ready to order?  We can take care of all your Valentine’s Day flowers in Springfield, OH, and if you’re interested in beating the crowd, we’re offering free delivery on February 10!  This offer expires on Feb. 6th, so hurry.  Just use discount code BLF when ordering.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for Flowers + Save $10 Through 1/24

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means now’s the time to start making plans and putting in reservations. While ordering your flowers now is definitely a great idea, it’s not the only thing you need to do before Valentine’s Day. If you take the time now to make your plans and take care of everything, you won’t be stressing the week of the 14th.

Restaurants fill up very quickly for Valentine’s Day, especially the most popular ones. If you want to be sure to have a table, make your reservations now. Yes, it’s almost a month ahead of time, but those reservations will be filling up quickly. Those who don’t plan on going out have a little more time. If you’re cooking a romantic dinner, you might want to go ahead and decide on what you’re making. That way, you can have a detailed shopping list ready. Also be sure to pick up anything you might want for after dinner, especially if you’re planning on ending the date at your place.

If you’re planning on going to a concert, movie, or other event after dinner, you should go ahead and get your tickets soon. Like restaurants, these events have a tendency to get booked up very early. Let your date know what you’ve got planned so they can dress appropriately. Expensive restaurants often have dress codes. The same goes for some Valentine’s Day events. You should also plan out what you’re going to wear so you don’t have any last-minute problems.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers—it’s for showing your significant other just how much you love him or her. It’s about a romantic dinner together, and it’s about doing something fun that you both enjoy. Above all, though, it’s about sharing a special night with your spouse or special someone.

Start your date off right by being on time and bringing her a lovely bouquet of flowers. While Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers, they certainly help! We’ll even get you off on the right foot by offering you $10 off any order made between now and January 24th. Just use check-out code BLJ to take advantage of this offer. Order now and we’ll make sure to deliver your Valentine’s Day flowers in Springfield, Ohio, on Valentine’s Day.